Fall joys.

I typed up a lengthy blog post last weekend, not knowing that the internet wasn't working so none of the words saved. By the time I realized it I was definitely not in the mood to type it all again. I pretty much felt how that walnut face looks above. (lol) This weekend though, let's try again. First and foremost, can I just say the news and some other heavy things have felt so devastating to me and I know to you too recently. I know that by not saying something it may appear I'm oblivious which certainly isn't true. Yet I also don't have sufficient words so I'll simply say my heart is wrecked for the lives lost in our world. I tell myself though that if I hide in my house, refusing to engage with the light and good and hope, then darkness wins again.   So in order to put LIGHT back in the world and to remain full of hope and joy for the people I have been entrusted with around me (my family, friends, students) I choose to capture the good while also grieving fo