What I wore: outfit post

I love reading/looking at other people's style posts.  Outfits can be like little works of art, if we want. Today I'm just wearing cozy layers because it rained some and there was a slight chill in the air. Also, side note: I feel like I may go mad from all the sale emails, blog posts, sponsored content social media stuff, etc., even though I did participate in a small way in the deals being advertised literally everywhere. I purchased 3 things that were already on my wish list and a half priced hamster. (lol) I'm just to the point of already of thinking "make it stop" and wondering where the promotion of peace and play is this holiday season? Just my thoughts.  Anyway, some outfits I've liked lately and a reminder you can't ever tell what people are dealing with or like on the inside, from the outside. In the pic above and the one below I'd been wearing the same leggings several days in a row because I was really dealing with some hard, very painful h

The big gratitude catch-up...

Hello and happy Thanksgiving all! I find it very fitting that the day I have the gift of time to catch up on some gratitude posting is also Thanksgiving. I've only started this new blog several posts back and already I've felt behind-ha! Such is life. Time is such a precious commodity and there is truly only so much of it.  I got into a bit of survival mode the past few weeks and now I'm deeply grateful to enjoy some catch-up time on rest and recharging before hitting the ground running again.  My truth is still this: no matter how packed my day might be from rising to sleeping I know for sure it matters when I take those extra seconds to roll the window down and capture the sun, pause to snap something colorful and joyful, or let myself be present to it all, and that includes the beautiful things too.  Here is my inspiration, joy, and gratitude from the past several weeks.  I love my students, job, and co-workers. Extra cozy day in the library as 3rd and 4th graders are so

Rosy things and routines

Hey everyone! I hope this post finds you relaxed, no matter what your week held.  I'm grateful to be sharing the little snippets I've captured (all phone pics this time) of rosy things and the routines working for me in this rather full season of life.  Isn't it a blessing to have a full season though? I think so. I just keep remembering when school was closed for the remainder of the year and stores and everything were too.  We were so isolated and although we had spring on the farm to keep us company, I am truly glad for this season of being a full-time librarian, lessons and church, playdates and sleepovers. I'm also deeply glad for a small chance to catch my breath.  The picture above was taken on a recent run, where I ran the farthest I ever have without stopping-7 miles! Running is definitely something that happens in little bits and pieces during the week-a mile here, two miles there.  (and a 1 minute plank, always) But the routine and rhythm of it surprises me e